All of us at David's Dogwalking treat each pet as if it were our own. As such, we are committed to providing your dog with something more than just exercise and a chance to poop--namely, affection. We build deep-rooted relationships through loving, personal interaction, and our clients recognize that. We sign in everyday so you know that we were there. We also towel-dry your pet if it's raining out. These are details that most services leave out.



 You need not have anxiety over a stranger coming into your home and caring for your pet, as all walkers are not only extreme animal lovers, but are educated, responsible and reliable individuals carefully screened and trained by Pete and our top most experienced dog walkers. Since we care about our walkers and treat them well, they go the extra mile and tend to stay with us well beyond their initial expectations. Low turnover is good for everyone--especially our clients.



 While quality pet care is not inexpensive, we are committed to keeping costs as low as possible so that people can have their beloved dogs exercised without losing an arm and a paw. Our rates are competitive with, and in many cases lower than, the general market. For specific rate information, please contact Pete through telephone or e-mail. We offer special rates for multiple-dog households, and free walks when you refer others.

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